A new age of collaboration

We are now facing a very different world from the one before COVID-19.

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While we have put in place physical distancing and hygiene vigilance measures to keep employees, customers and suppliers safe, we are also responding to new ways of working such as how to extend our fabrication and engineering capability to support supply chains.

James Aiken built its reputation on bespoke work and our mantra of ‘any shape, any size, any thickness’ has resonated with customers who often see us as the go-to supplier for those jobs where an off-the-shelf solution is either below specification or simply not available.

Gearing up to the ‘new normal’ brings extra pressure on businesses, particularly large-scale operators, with the need to work at near capacity but keep workers at a safe distance. This may mean operating with smaller teams and more shifts. These challenges are exacerbated by similar measures applied elsewhere in the supply chain, from procurement of materials to delivery of the finished job.

That’s why we have taken the decision to increase our stockholding of sheet metal and component parts, so we can support companies with a fast-track manufacturing solution of highly engineered parts for vital contracts. This will fill the gap procuring materials and practising physical distancing, with smaller teams, as the industry adjusts to new ways of working.

James Aiken has over 40 years’ experience delivering oil and gas, public health and public utilities’ contracts. Unlike many fabrication businesses, our fabrication and machine shops operate under one roof within a large and secure yard. In a new world, James Aiken is determined to be seen not just as a specialist for bespoke work, but as a reliable and cost-effective, highly skilled supplier of precision engineered parts.

We are ready to talk about collaboration and how we can become a vital link for key contracts in these new and challenging times.

Please get in touch to discuss your next project.

Neil Jolly, Director +44 (0) 1224 704842

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James Aiken Engineering Solutions has a broad customer base which covers bespoke machining and fabrication work for the on and offshore oil and gas industry, including subsea and marine works. Our engineering and fabrication teams also manufacture plant and equipment for the onshore chemical industry as well as the power generation sector.

Food processing plants are another sector where our machine, fabrication and installation skills have been utilised in the design and build of tanks and other types of bespoke equipment.

Much of our work comes in the form of contracts for commercial utilities, local authority works and maintenance projects for corporate and municipal buildings.